Обложка книги The Big Book of Typographics 1 & 2 (Typographics)

The Big Book of Typographics 1 & 2 (Typographics)

ISBN: 0688178758;
Издательство: Collins Design
Страниц: 448

Book Description Typography is a fundamental element of all forms of design, endless in its variety and application.As such, it's a topic that inspires debate and discussion among design professionals, teachers, and students. To aid in this discourse, The Big Book of Typographics 1 & 2 brings together the most exciting and experimental work from typographers the world over?leading designers with international standing, new independent groups at the forefront of modern design, and gifted students from a range of major colleges alike. The book's attractive flip-format emphasizes different themes to the showcased works: the first section presents innovative font design and textual and compositional type usage; the second, looks at type inspired by magazines' churning information flow, freed from the constraints of the conventional printed pages' usual linear narrative. Provocative and compelling, The Big Book of Typographics 1 & 2 is an excellent, extensive...

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