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Harold Bergsohn

The Makers of Modern Dance in Germany: Rudolf Laban, Mary Wigman, Kurt Jooss

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ISBN: 0871272504
Издательство: Princeton Book Company
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 112
Book DescriptionThis is the story of the founders of modern dance in Germany: Rudolf Laban, Mary Wigman, and Kurt Joos, whose work in the first half of the 20th century paralleled the independent development of modern dance in America-without being influenced by it. Laban is credited as being the most important innovator and guiding force and is best known as the inventor of Labanotation, a symbolic language for describing movement. Wigman became Laban's student in 1913 at a time when he was earning a reputation as an inspired choreographer and movement director. Joos was a young man of 19 when, hearing about Laban's pioneering work, he decided to pay a visit to the master. He soon became his assistant and lead male dancer. This book follows the connective threads of these remarkable individuals throughout their careers in chaotic times.
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