Обложка книги Merengue and Dominican Identity: Music As National Unifier

Merengue and Dominican Identity: Music As National Unifier

ISBN: 078641815X;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 239

Book DescriptionThe merengue is internationally recognized as the Dominican Republic?s national dance. It is an integral and unifying element of Dominican identity both within that nation and among emigrants abroad. Although Dominicans often make the claim that merengue has always been in their blood, the dance is relatively young, and its popularity among Dominicans of all social classes and ages is an even more recent occurrence. This book presents three convincing arguments about the merengue?s longevity as a unifying symbol of Dominican identity: Dominican identity and the merengue have necessarily been extremely fluid in order to encompass the different cultural and ethnic groups present; historically, the merengue has become a stronger identity symbol when the nation is or is perceived to be threatened from outside; and the white, Catholic, Hispanic Dominican has long been held as the "true" Dominican identity, causing the dance to become progressively...