Обложка книги Dance, Mind & Body

Dance, Mind & Body

ISBN: 0736037896;
Издательство: Human Kinetics Publishers
Страниц: 185

Book DescriptionMake the transition from simple body movements to kinetic works of art. Dance Mind & Body features 128 exploration exercises designed to help you improve your focus, observe and explore movement systematically, and refine your techniques to create better dances. Packed with illustrations, improvisation challenges, examples, and reference material, Dance Mind & Body explores the fine line separating movement and dance. You will achieve better posture, a greater sense of movement, and heightened artistic expression. From the basics of breathing to the complexities of modern choreography and form, this definitive guide is an indispensable resource for any aspiring performer. Author Sandra Minton brings to this book more than 30 yearsof experience as a dance instructor. In Dance Mind & Body she teaches and takes you through the transformation from dance as movement to dance as art.