Обложка книги Valeria Magli

Valeria Magli

ISBN: 8881584417;
Издательство: Charta
Страниц: 88

Book DescriptionAnomalous and complex, Italian artist Valeria Magli is known as a dancer, choreographer, actress, interpreter of her own work on video, visual artist, writer, and editor. She has participated in cultural adventures such as Alfabeta , and has managed to bridge the gap between France and Italy. This volume, the first published on her and her work, offers a rich photographic collection of scenes from her stage productions. Essays by Ugo Volli, Leonetta Bentivoglio, Omar Calabrese, Milli Graffi, Manuela Gandini, Marinella Guatterini and Gianni Toti. Paperback, 9.49 x 9.5 in./88 pgs / 32 color and 7 b & w.