Обложка книги Elinor Carucci: Diary of a Dancer

Elinor Carucci: Diary of a Dancer

ISBN: 3865211550; 9783865211552;
Издательство: Steidl Publishing
Страниц: 96

Book Description"I have been a professional Middle Eastern dancer, or as it is called in the West, belly dancer, for ten years. I photographed this collection of images during a period of three years, in which I performed mostly around New York City's five boroughs, their vicinity, and parts of New Jersey. I traveled to shows with a married couple, Israelis like myself, who were my agents. He was the drummer, she did the jewelry, so we were a small, tightly knit creative team, spending many hours together on the road. We sometimes did as many as six or seven shows an evening, each in a different location and for a different kind of audience. I danced for Americans, Greeks, Indians, Bukharans, Punjabis, Turkish, Chinese, and Gypsy communities. I danced infancy restaurants for celebrities, in middle-class family events, in sleazy bars, or for men gathered in poor-house basements. There is a tension between the dance's beauty, grace and technical sophistication, and the fact that it...