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Pierre Cossette

Another Day in Showbiz: A Producer's Journey

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ISBN: 155022557X
Издательство: Ecw Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 237
Book DescriptionThis autobiography tells the story of an unassuming young man from rural Canada who worked his way to the top of the world of glitz and glamour, galvanizing the music industry in the process. Detailed are the life and career of Pierre Cossette, who, after much wrangling and hair-pulling, convinced the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to let him produce the Grammy Awards on television for the first time in 1971. Cossette offers his vision of the industry, detailing the stars, directors, and producers; the movie, TV, and record companies; and the art, creation, and exhibition of the breathtaking stage productions. With inimitable style, Cossette transformed the Grammys into an international spectacle on his own terms.
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