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Janet Sonenberg

Dreamwork for Actors

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ISBN: 0878301666
Издательство: Theatre Arts Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 160
Acting calls upon inner powers and perceptions, but most of all it calls upon the actor's imagination. In this revolutionary book, Janet Sonenberg offers an entirely new technique for exploring the imagination. The term "dreamwork" describes the process by which an individual can free the dreaming mind to explore issues or materials from the waking state. Dreamwork for Actors brilliantly explores the potential of dreams for actor training and development. Dreams, Janet Sonenberg shows, can unlock the actor's autonomous imagination. Working with the noted Jungian analyst Robert Bosnak, she has reinterpreted the ancient practice of "incubating dreams"; in this new technique, the actor seeds the dream with materials from the play under studyand then uses the resulting dream. No other acting technique offers the performer's own dreams as a means to imaginative and artistic expression. Drawing upon her wide experience as actor and director, Janet Sonenberg shows what dreamwork can do. The...
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