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K. Callan

The New York Agent Book: Get the Agent You Need for the Career You Want (New York Agent Book)

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ISBN: 1878355163
Издательство: Sweden Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 250
Book DescriptionThe Bible for actors who take their business seriously, The New York Agent Book is the prototype for any actor's guide to agents. From basic contact information to background on the agents and agencies, there is no other book that is so meticulously researched and filled with so much information. Profiles of nearly 75 New York theatrical agents include their contact information, background, size of their client lists, and names from their client list. This easy-to-read guide explains whatagents do, the clients they are looking for, how to evaluate agents, how to be your own first agent. Callan speaks from experience and authority about: * what actors have the right to expect of an agent * how to contact an agent * how to dress and how to behave in the meeting * how and when to leave an agent and she offers a whole list of class resources, from teachers to photographers to web addresses for unions, theater schools, internships and show business...