Обложка книги Celebrity-In-Chief: How Show Business Took over the White House

Celebrity-In-Chief: How Show Business Took over the White House

ISBN: 081334137X;
Издательство: Westview Press
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionTells the colorful story of how the two most visible branches of American celebrity--the presidency and Hollywood--came together in a marriage of pop culture and politics. U.S. presidents and Hollywood have had a mutual admiration society that extends far back into history. In Celebrity-in-Chief , journalist Alan Schroeder contends that each camp has influenced the other--particularly over the past century--creating a president who no longer stands apart upon a remote civic pedestal, isolated from Hollywood and pop culture. Instead, the powerful forces of the American celebrity circus drag him into the tent and ask him to put on a show. The job of president has always been politically demanding, but now there is another requirement: to exude star quality. In the parlance of Hollywood, he must "fill the frame." Drawing upon a wealth of fascinating anecdotes about some of the most celebrated individuals in American history, Schroeder shows how a succession of...