Обложка книги Music Business : It's all about the Music. Right?

Music Business : It's all about the Music. Right?

ISBN: 0595336167;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 102

Book Description Success in the music industry is not just about great music; it?s about working smarter and knowing the business. Drawing on their many years of experience in the high-tech, rapidly changing music industry, authors A. J. Grant andLo Rene` give aspiring musicians, songwriters, and managers the practical information and expert advice they need to make it big in music. Musicians, songwriters, and co-owners of an entertainment company, Grant and Lo Rene` offer a realistic, insider view of the industry and show you how to develop and sell your ?whole package?, including talent, image, communication skills, and business know-how. Recommended assignments and projects help you build self-esteem, set achievable goals, network effectively, endure the pressures of a highly competitive business, and perfect the kind of stage presence that impresses an audience (and any key music executives who might be in it). Whether you?re looking to land a...