Обложка книги Oh, Jackie!: Her Father's Story

Oh, Jackie!: Her Father's Story

ISBN: 0963038737;
Издательство: University Sports Press
Страниц: 96

Book Description"Oh, Jackie - Her Father's Story" is the full script and CD of a Broadway-style musical that is the heart-warming story of the special secret that existed when a scandalous father helped turn America's most unforgettable daughter into an international icon of style, beauty and majesty. In this literary classic script, you can read many of the actual words spoken by such historical figures as Jackie Kennedy, President John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Joe Kennedy, Black Jack Bouvier, French President Charles DeGaulle and many others who played a major part in Jackie's turbulent life. An enclosed free CD let you hear a cast album of 20 critically acclaimed songs by nationally famous composers especially arranged to reflect the romantic ballads of the 1950s and '60s. Audiences stood and cheered every showcase production, and the musical's demographics are particularly strong with the millions of women who still respect dignity, fashion and style. According to...