Обложка книги A High School Theater Teacher's Survival Guide

A High School Theater Teacher's Survival Guide

ISBN: 0878302026;
Издательство: Routledge
Страниц: 186

Book DescriptionHigh school theatre programs are vigorous and growing, but many theatre teachers - drawn from English, speech, or other departments - lack degrees in theatre. For them, as well as for the seasoned teaching veteran, Raina Ames provides an indispensable companion. The High School Theatre Teacher's Survival Guide is a handy reference for high school theatre teachers covering both curricular and extracurricular problems - everything from how to craft a syllabus for a theatre class to what to say to parents about a student's participation in a school play. In ten concise chapters, Raina Ames lays out a range of issues and situations, and offers practical suggestions for handling them professionally and humanely. The Guide covers both specific questions about structuring classes, the text of overheads or PowerPoint for classroom instruction, and useful suggestions - such as a 'contract' between student and the theatre program -- for building students' confidence and sense...