Обложка книги On with the Show! : A Guide for Directors and Actors

On with the Show! : A Guide for Directors and Actors

ISBN: 1594690022;
Издательство: Libraries Unlimited/Teacher Ideas Press
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionDon't waste a minute of precious rehearsal time! Divided into two parts, the Director's Handbook and the Actor's Handbook, On With the Show! enables directors and actors to get the most out of rehearsal time at home and on the stage. Providing essential time-saving techniques, worksheets, and samples, this guide allows you to work more effectively and efficiently toward the final production, strengthening your skills as a director while building confidence in your actors onstage. This resource for drama teachers, classroom teachers, and community-theatre leaders allows all to enjoy the thrilling process of putting on a play or musical by providing the tools for cast members to reach their performance goals, and helping directors to be as organized as possible.