Обложка книги CRM for the Common Man

CRM for the Common Man

ISBN: 0-9728263-0-0;
Издательство: Peak Sales Consulting
Страниц: 176

CRM For The Common Man, by Russ Lombardo, identifies and discusses a business? planning process, how to develop a CRM strategy for a business, and what needs to be done to ensure success of a customer relationship implementation. Since most businesses on average lose 50% of their customers every 5 years, a core objective of CRM is to improve customer retention. This is a critical business issue today and CRM can help to improve this for most companies. CRM For The Common Man helps businesses navigate through the confusion to guarantee a solid foundation for a successful CRM implementation. CRM For The Common Man serves as a business-planning tool for any company. It provides practical, real-world advice and guidance for businesses wanting to implement a strategy to help retain their customers. This book does not recommend, compare, or evaluate CRM products, nor does it discuss technical implementations. Instead, CRM For The Common Man focuses on how to plan for a CRM...