Обложка книги Buddha Groove: : Murder on Melrose

Buddha Groove: : Murder on Melrose

ISBN: 141375810X;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 434

Book Description With faiths tested by triumph or defeat, the journey begins with the dying wish of one woman to leave her only nephew an inheritance. A recent college graduate, Logan Davenport, uncertain about his future, but with his whole life ahead of him, inherits ten million dollars from an aunt he didn't know. Suddenly wealthier, he turns his back on his family and slams the door on his future, sending his mother to the edge of a nervous breakdown. On an odyssey of depravity and excess, numbing his pain with a growing dependency on drugs, Logan loses himself in the bustling nightlife of Los Angeles' trendiest clubs. Inspired during a brief moment of lucidity, he has an epiphany and plans to invest what remains of his inheritance in a music store, Buddha Groove. After a half-hearted attempt to resurrect his life from ruin, he falls in deeper with an army of come-lately, new acquaintances, who take advantage of his generous nature, catapulting everyone around him into a vicious...