Обложка книги Hip-Hop and Rap : Complete Lyrics for 175 Songs

Hip-Hop and Rap : Complete Lyrics for 175 Songs

ISBN: 063404964X;
Издательство: Hal Leonard
Страниц: 500

Book DescriptionRap music's place within the global pantheon of pop culture was forever solidified when Webster's decided to add the slang term "def" to the dictionary. Once considered an outsider art form, the music that originated from the streets of New York City has now become the new rock'n'roll, a major force dictating the trends of the day. Everything from fashion and advertising to literature and film has been touched by rap's infectious rhyme patterns and rhythmic interplay, making it one of theforemost musical genres of the era. At the core of this cultural fascination with rap music are the lyrics, which run the gamut from clever rhyme patterns and lighthearted party fare to gangsta verite, providing a glimpse into inner city life for those far removed from it. The end result of this raw street slang bathed in thumping beats has been the creation and ongoing evolution of an art form that speaks to all walks of life. The full spectrum of this vibrant genre is represented in...

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