Обложка книги Plays, Volume 1

Plays, Volume 1

ISBN: 1559362286;
Издательство: Theatre Communications Group
Страниц: 340

Book Description This volume collects for the first time the work of one of America's most important, vital and original young voices. Turning the American family drama firmly on its head, "Maxwell strips more layers of explanation from the Freudian family romance, shining light on the humiliation and fury usually reasoned out of sight by psychologizing playwrights. Few characters in contemporary drama are as exposed as Maxwell's."-Marc Robinson, Village Voice "Imagine if you took a giant hatpin and stuck it into Sylvester Stallone's Rocky . Once all the hot air had leaked out of that melodrama about a working-class underdog who wins fame, fortune and love in the boxing ring, you might find something very much like Richard Maxwell's Boxing 2000. By taking a conventional formula and draining it of all its humid sentimentality and synthetic adrenaline, Mr. Maxwell discovers something new and unexpected. Boxing 2000 is a real knockout: a play that not...

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