Обложка книги Purity and Provocation: Dogme '95

Purity and Provocation: Dogme '95

ISBN: 0851709524;
Издательство: University of California Press
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionThe audacious, attention-grabbing, tongue-in-cheek filmmaker's manifesto that was Dogme 95 has had a massive international impact. Coinciding with the arrival of cut-price digital technology, the aesthetic creed proposed by Thomas Vinterberg ( Festen ) and Lars von Trier ( The Idiots ) has resonated with young and indie filmmakers in all continents and been credited with a revival of radical back-to-basics guerrilla-style filmmaking. Many argue it has changed the critical terms in which art and popular cinema are discussed and that it has had an impact on a much wider range of contemporary arts from dance to computer games. This new book brings together leading scholars from a number of disciplines--film studies, literature, philosophy--in order to focus on some of the keyhistorical and conceptual issues associated with the manifesto's original formulation. In addition to identifying many of the epistemological and aesthetic puzzles to which Dogme 95 gives...