Обложка книги The Carpetbagger's Children & The Actor

The Carpetbagger's Children & The Actor

ISBN: 1585672971;
Издательство: Overlook TP
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionOne of America's preeminent dramatists, Horton Foote returns to the fictional town of Harrison, Texas, with two captivating plays about the bewildering and unsettling encroachment of change in the American south. In a series of haunting dramatic monologues, The Carpetbagger's Children tells the story of the three daughters of Joseph Thompson, who struggle against the pressures of modern life to uphold their father's dying wish--that the estate he built in the years following the Civil Warnever be divided among his heirs. It is a timeless and elegiac portrayal of a once-vibrant family slowly disintegrating over time. The Actor tells the hilarious and moving story of a young man, bitten by the acting bug, who'll make any sacrifice to keephis dream of a theatrical career from being crushed under the weight of his parents' expectations for him. It's a charming exploration of artistic ambition from one of modern theater's greatest artists.

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