Обложка книги The Enjoyment of Theatre, Sixth Edition

The Enjoyment of Theatre, Sixth Edition

ISBN: 0205375510;
Издательство: Allyn & Bacon
Страниц: 496

Book Description MI>The Enjoyment of Theatre continues to bring students the expertise of a proven author team one whose strong academic credentials combine with a wealth of theatre experience to create a book that effectively conveys the importance and excitement of theatre. Both majors and non-majors will find reading this book as enjoyable as the theatre itself. Cameron and Gillespie make theatre come alive for all readers in a comprehensive and accessible way. The new edition ofthis highly successful, audience-oriented book builds on the strong foundation of previous editions. By recognizing both educational and cultural diversity in the 1990's, the authors use their vast knowledge and deep understanding of theatre to span its 2500 plus-year history and to show students how theatre is and will continue to be relevant to their everyday lives. For readers with an interest in the excitement and sophistication of the theatre.