Обложка книги The Portable Shakespeare (Penguin Classics)

The Portable Shakespeare (Penguin Classics)

ISBN: 0142437948;
Издательство: Penguin Classics
Страниц: 608

Book Description William Shakespeare?s plays revolutionized the English language and created some of the most important scenes in Western literature: Hamlet contemplating his mortality, Romeo romancing Juliet, Lear railing against his insanity into the storm, and King Henry V wandering among his soldiers on the eve of battle. With introductions and context from leading Shakes-pearean scholar Stephen Orgel, the essential works of the most important figure in English literature are collected here: nine complete plays, the most popular scenes and poems, as well as a glossary of 1,000 key words. With clear and authoritative texts from the Pelican Shakespeare series, this user-friendly edition will inspire students, thespians, poets, and generalreaders alike.

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