Обложка книги Ellie : A Story of Profound Loss and Abuse

Ellie : A Story of Profound Loss and Abuse

ISBN: 141378920X;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 97

Book Description Ellie begins her life with loving parents and a stable home. Tragedy strikes when she is seven years old with the death of her mother. Her father?s death one year later plunges Ellie into a nightmare of abuse and frequent moves. Herever-changing caregivers have one thing in common a sinister force who has made Ellie the target of his obsession. He torments Ellie until he breaks the essence of her, leaving a terrified shell where a happy child should be. Ellie endures the remaining years of her childhood and adolescence isolated emotionally, longing for love. Though broken in spirit and beaten down, she eventually finds the courage to break free. After some time as a homeless runaway, Ellie finds her way in making a life for herself. Ultimately, this is a story that will inspire and give hope to anyone who has faced challenges in life.