Обложка книги Ethno-techno: Writings On Performance, Activism And Pedagogy

Ethno-techno: Writings On Performance, Activism And Pedagogy

ISBN: 0415362482;
Издательство: Routledge
Страниц: 304

Book DescriptionThe performance of "extreme identity" is familiar to us all through the medium of television (just switch on Jerry Springer). So where does this leave the critical practice of artists who aim to make tactical, performative interventions into our notions of race, culture, and sexuality? Guillermo Gomez-Pena has spent many years developing his unique style of performance-activism: his theatricalizations of postcolonial theory. In Ethno-Techno: Writings on performance, activism,and pedagogy, he pushes the boundaries still further, exploring what's left for artists to do in a post-9/11 repressive culture of what he calls "the mainstream bizarre." Extensive photos document his artistic experiments. The text not only explores and confronts his political and philosophical parameters, it offers an insight into one of the most daring, innovative, and challenging performance artists of our age.