Обложка книги Friends Like These

Friends Like These

ISBN: 1413775128;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 198

Book Description Follow these four Afriends" through a tale of friendship, love, lies, and deception. Garrison and Taylor, a couple who is three years into a rocky relationship, can't admit to themselves or each other that it's time to move on. When the strain of the relationship pushes Taylor to seek comfort in one of Garrison's best friends, J.P., a one-night stand turns into a part-time affair. It becomes more than an affair to J.P., and he's willing to do almost anything to make Taylor his own. Things become even more complex when Taylor's only friend, Brenda, takes an interest in J.P. Chaos and confusion become the only thing these four friends share, along with a twisted web of love, lust, and desperation to keep secrets. When the truths of the friendships surface, they all wonder: Who needs enemies, when you have Friends Like These?