Обложка книги Mankind's Final War

Mankind's Final War

ISBN: 1413785352;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 404

Book Description An esteemed royal house. A strong and powerful imperial czar. The mightiest world power in all of human history, and an unfulfilled ancient prophecy nearing its completion. Mankind's Final War presents a whole new slew of issues that plague the House of Wellington twenty-seven years after the infamous Tamarian Revolution of 3998. The characters, again, teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and how we view others around us. In the year 4025, the Wellington dynasty rulers of Imperial Tamar are now the dominant royal family worldwide. But after a series of devastating terrorist attacks at the heart of Tamarian society, the sturdy and secure foundation of this seemingly impregnable and illustrious empire is suddenly called into question.Behold how Eliad's prophecy concerning the large beast, Tamar, with the "small horn" and "two additional horns" comes to its climactic end. Watch very carefully as you witness firsthand the awesome empire of Tamar leading the entire...