Обложка книги The Private Lives of Teachers

The Private Lives of Teachers

ISBN: 1413756085;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 387

Book Description This is the story about a small group of people who are in front of us fourteen to eighteen years of our lives. This is a story about teachers. We think we know them, but all we mostly know is an image. This is a story of teachers and their lives, their personal lives; the lives one rarely reads or hears about because most fictional stories about teachers feature situations in which the lives of students are the focus. This fictional story, set in a suburban high school, focuses upon thelives of teachers beyond the classroom as the reader follows them into their lounge, their relationships, their pasts, and their secrets. The Private Lives of Teachers is the story of fourteen Payson High School social studies teachers, an eclectic groupwith unique and troubling backgrounds, struggling with the basic needs, demands, and issues of life. Follow them for one full year and discover their world beyond the classroom.

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