Обложка книги Seventeen's Guide to Your Perfect Prom: A Planner & Scrapbook

Seventeen's Guide to Your Perfect Prom: A Planner & Scrapbook


ISBN: 1588165515;
Издательство: Hearst
Страниц: 160

Prom—when girls dream of dressing up like a princess and dancing with their Prince Charming. It’s such an important event that Seventeen creates an annual special Prom issue. With this spiral-bound planner and scrapbook, prom-goers can take advantage of Seventeen ’s wisdom and create a personal memory book, too. Attractively designed and superbly organized, it features dividers, folders for stashing memorabilia, stickers to flag important information, and a space in the cover to frame a personal prom photo. Fill-in sections include calendars for the months, weeks, and days leading up to prom and even a prom diary. Every detail is covered, from dating and budget advice to makeup and hairstyle ideas. And, of course, pages and pages dedicated to helping her find The Perfect Dress. Every chapter features celebrity and industry experts, quotes from Seventeen readers, hilarious stories, plus checklists and spots for her to paste in her...