Обложка книги Maude Adams: Idol of American Theater, 1872-1953

Maude Adams: Idol of American Theater, 1872-1953

ISBN: 078641927X;
Издательство: McFarland & Company
Страниц: 318

Book DescriptionMaude Adams (1872?1953) was a beloved and talented American Broadway actress who greatly influenced succeeding acting methods and production techniques. She first appeared on stage as an infant in her actress mother?s arms, and then moved to a succession of children?s parts. Her New York debut came in 1888, supported by E. H. Southern and then Charles Frohman, a demanding mentor. In 1905, she played her most famous role: the star of James M. Barrie?s Peter Pan . Beautiful, kind, and very private, this early American actress is chronicled in a biography covering both her life experiences and innovations on the stage.