Обложка книги Merton of the Movies (California Legacy Book) (California Legacy Book)

Merton of the Movies (California Legacy Book) (California Legacy Book)

ISBN: 1890771961;
Издательство: Heyday Books
Страниц: 335

Ever since its debut in the Saturday Evening Post in 1919, Merton of the Movies has delighted book and film lovers alike and is considered one of the first real Hollywood novels. It follows the story of Merton Gill, a small-town Midwestern man immersed in Hollywood dreams. Filled with lighthearted film parodies, glimpses into a bygone Hollywood era, and a likable main character, it is easy to understand why Merton of the Movies inspired an often revived Broadway play, several films (including one starring Red Skelton), and a brand new radio play. It was included in Lawrence Clark Powell?s famous list of thirty California classics.Download DescriptionWith a swift movement the beautiful girl sought to withdraw the small silver-mounted revolver without which she never left the ranch. But Snake le Vasquez, with a muttered oath, was too quick for her. He seized the toy and contemptuously hurled it across his vile den.

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