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Michael Kidd

Stages Of Desire: The Mythological Tradition In Classical And Contemporary Spanish Theater

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ISBN: 0271025085
Издательство: Pennsylvania State University Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 116
Book DescriptionA study of how Spanish playwrights have exploited classical mythology over the centuries. Within the rich tradition of Spanish theater lies an unexplored dimension reflecting themes from classical mythology. Through close readings ofselected plays from early modern and twentieth-century Spanish literature with plots or characters derived from the Greco-Roman tradition, Michael Kidd shows that the concept of desire plays a pivotal role in adapting myth to the stage in each of severalhistorical periods. In Stages of Desire, Kidd offers a new way of looking at the theater in Spain. Reviewing the work of playwrights from Juan del Encina to Luis Riaza, he suggests that desire constitutes a central element in a large number of Greco-Roman myths and shows how dramatists have exploited this to resituate ancient narratives within their own artistic and ideological horizons. Among the works he analyzes are Timoneda?s Tragicomedia llamada Filomena, Castro?s...
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