Обложка книги Life As Theater: A Dramaturgical Sourcebook

Life As Theater: A Dramaturgical Sourcebook

ISBN: 0202308332;
Издательство: Transaction Publishers
Страниц: 462

Book DescriptionLife as Theater has deservedly attained the status of a landmark work. As the first book to explore systematically the material and subject matter of social psychology from the dramatul&ical viewpoint, the earlier edition has been widely used and quoted, and has sparked ferment and debate in fields as diverse as sociology, psychology, anthropology, political science, speech communication, and formal theater studies. Aldine de Gruyter is proud to offer this major revision and updated edition. Nearly two-thirds of the selections are new and all feature individual introductions that provide dramaturgical perspective and reflect the latest thinking and work being done within this point of view. This book's sophistication will appeal to the scholar, and its clarity and conciseness to the student. Like its predecessor, it is designed to serve as a primary text or supplementary reader in classes.