Обложка книги Major Voices: 18th Century British Women Playwrights

Major Voices: 18th Century British Women Playwrights

ISBN: 1592640583;
Издательство: Toby Press
Страниц: 509

Book DescriptionSince Virginia Woolf acclaimed the seventeenth-century poet, playwright and novelist Aphra Behn as both a proto-feminist figure and an important author in her own right, interest in the history of women's writing in English has grown enormously. Many universities now offer their students the chance to explore the subject at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level - including the work of women playwrights. In the century or so after Behn and other female playwrights of the Restoration, women took their place among men as dramatists; this was still a period, however, when women often met with a hostile reception and ingrained male prejudice. Susannah Centlivre took to publishing her plays anonymously; her fellow writers endured poverty and prejudice in full measure. Fanny Burney had one of her plays stopped in rehearsal by her father, yet Elizabeth Inchbald found great success, especially with her comedies, and in her work as an editor and translator. Jane Austen...