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Anne Hart

Writing 45-Minute One-Act Plays, Skits, Monologues, & Animation Scripts for Drama Workshops : Adapting Current Events, Social Issues, Life Stories, News & Histories

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ISBN: 0595345972
Издательство: ASJA Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 297
Book DescriptionHere?s a guide book on how to write 45-minute one-act plays, skits, and monologues for all ages . Step-by-step strategies and sample play, monologue, and animation script offer easy-to-understand solutions for drama workshop leaders, high-school and university drama directors, teachers, students, parents, coaches, playwrights, scriptwriters, novelists, storytellers, camp counselors, actors, lifelong learning instructors, biographers, facilitators, personal historians, and senior center activity directors. Guide young people in an intergenerational experience of interviewing and writing skits, plays, and monologues based on the significant events and experiences from lives of people. Learn to write skits, plays and monologues based on historical events and personalities. What you?ll get out of this book and the exercises of writing one-act plays for teenage actors and audiences of all-ages audience, are improved skills in adapting...
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