Обложка книги Old Toronto Houses

Old Toronto Houses

ISBN: 1552977315;
Издательство: Firefly Books Ltd
Страниц: 304

Book DescriptionA guided tour of the city's most interesting homes. Urban skyscrapers and suburban sprawl identify Toronto as a typical modern city. Yet, there exists another Toronto. Rich in character, it's a hidden city of quiet, tree-lined streets, graceful houses and appealing neighborhoods. Old Toronto Houses is illustrated with brilliant color photographs that explore the signature styles of Toronto's urban architecture. It opens with Henry Scadding's rough-hewn log house built in 1794, then progresses through the city's landmark styles: Georgian, Regency, Gothic, Victorian, Greek Revival, Dutch Colonial and art deco. In all, more than twenty architectural styles are discussed and illustrated. The book next explores the houses of ten distinct Toronto neighborhoods including laborers' cottages in Cabbagetown, Yorkville's Second Empire terraces, and St. George Street's Romanesque mansions. Many of these older houses are beautifully restored inside and out, preserving...

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