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Antonella Russo

An Eye for the City: Italian Photography and the Image of the Contemporary City/Fotografia Italiana E Immagine Della Citta Contemporanea

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ISBN: 0944282229
Издательство: University of New Mexico Art Museum; Bilingual edition
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 120
An Eye for the City traces a brief history of contemporary Italian photography which came of age during the post World War II years, at the same time that the cities that are documented were starting to be rebuilt. By the early 1950sa new generation of Italian photographers such as Ugo Mulas and Giorgio Avigdor began photographing the new cities with tough, high-contrast pictures in the wake of such "neo-Realist" movies as The Bicycle Thief and Miracle in Milan. In the following decades Italian photographers such as Mimmo Jodice, Gabriele Basilico, Vincenzo Castella, Guido Guidi and later Paola de Pietri and Walter Niedermayr began traveling within the urban fabric of cities reproducing the gaze of anonymous citizens and ordinary passersby living their everyday urban life. An Eye for the City includes essays in English and Italian by photohistorian Antonella Russo, Deborah Bershad, Executive Director, Art Commission of the City of New York, and Bernardo Secchi,...