Обложка книги Lighting: Good Ideas

Lighting: Good Ideas

ISBN: 0060747943; 9780060747947;
Издательство: Collins Design
Страниц: 330

The Good Ideas series returns here to a broad subject of endless appeal to every homeowner, looking at lighting solutions for every space inside and outside your house. What difference does light make? The variations of lighting offerinfinite possibilities for generating interesting variety and stylish environments in the home. One of the most important influences in conceptualizing a space is the control of light, whether it is natural or artificial. Careful lighting design is indispensable for creating ambiences that are not just livable but warm and comfortable as well. This practical reference gives detailed descriptions of different types of lighting and their characteristics, and presents a wide range of examples that can serveas inspiration for both professionals in the field and readers who are looking for sound and reliable advice.