Обложка книги Africa


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ISBN: 0967591813;
Издательство: Wildlands Press
Страниц: 240

Wolfe (Living Wild) and Gilders (Reflections of a Whale-Watcher) are not as comprehensive or informative as Reader and, alas, revive that dubious perception of Africa as primarily a land of wildlife and untamed terrain, an unfortunate aspect of the Westerner's fascination with the continent. They provide stunning pictures of already familiar wildlife and landscape, while the accompanying text crusades for conservation and preservation. To Wolfe and Gilders, Africa exists only in those regions where exotic wildlife abounds. South and East Africa are thus transformed into surrogates for the entire continent; a limited view indeed! Reader's volume is recommended for all public and academic libraries, while Wolfe and Gilders's is recommended for larger public libraries only. Edward K. Owusu-Ansah, Coll. of Staten Island Lib., CUNY