Обложка книги Love


ISBN: 0810946734;
Издательство: Harry N Abrams
Страниц: 320

Book DescriptionLove is the most profound, powerful, and encompassing force in our everyday lives. Under its influence, we become physically transformed: our faces register joy and tenderness and pleasure; our gestures are filled with grace. It falls to artists-and, in particular, photographers-to capture these fleeting states and to show us how we look when we are moved by love. Love is a stunning collection of 170 black-and-white photographs by an international selection of passionate imagemakers, including Bruce Davidson, Elliot Erwitt, Leonard Freed, and Mary Ellen Mark, that portray people expressing love. It is an anthology of the ways that we talk to one another with our eyes and our hands; with the shape of our lips and the curve of our bodies. The photographs are accompanied by vivid quotations from modern writers (Susan Minot, D. H. Lawrence, Raymond Carver, Jane Smiley) and poets (Ezra Pound, Rainer-Maria Rilke) that speak of the many forms of love.