Обложка книги Man and Horse: An Enduring Bond

Man and Horse: An Enduring Bond

ISBN: 2020593416;
Издательство: Seuil Chronicle
Страниц: 286

Book DescriptionThe culmination of 20 years' exploring equestrian cultures, Fulvio Cinquini's Man and Horse is an extraordinary accomplishment. Cinquini takes us around the globe telling tales of adventure in word and image - from the pounding turf of the world's polo fields to the streets of Siena, crowded for Il Palio. Whether photographing Connemara ponies in Ireland or mustangs in Wyoming, in over 400 electric color photos Cinquini reveals mankind's dynamic bond with the equine spirit. A thoroughbredamong books, Man and Horse is an homage to the majestic power and beauty of the horse.