Обложка книги Ireland Ever : The Photographs of Jill Freedman

Ireland Ever : The Photographs of Jill Freedman


ISBN: 0810943409;
Издательство: Harry N Abrams
Страниц: 144

In describing his beloved land, the late Irish short story writer Sean O'Faolain wrote: "There is some alchemy of climate in Ireland that bedews the countryside with an unmistakable personality: it is in the softness of color, the mobility of the light, the gentleness with which sound caresses the ear." In this heartwarming photographic portrait, award-winning photographer Jill Freedman captures that softness, mobility, and gentleness in the Irish landscape and in the character of its people. With texts by best-selling Irish American authors Frank McCourt ( Angela's Ashes ) and Malachy McCourt ( A Monk Swimming ), Ireland Ever commemorates the traditional life of Ireland in bygone days, just as the modern world began to creep up on it. Freedman celebrates the beauty of the land, the warmth of her people, the simplicity of the old ways, the humor and conviviality, the sharp wit and black moods, and the kindness of the "old country." Beautifully designed and...