Обложка книги Stormbringer


ISBN: 0595291058;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 242

Book DescriptionIn the Canadian Northern Territories, scientists clone the largest flesh-eating mammal ever to stalk the earth. When the creature falls victim to a viral infection, they administer a powerful restorative drug that has dire side effects. It starts to BECOME something else and soon murders its creators. Tracking the lone survivor to the nearest expedition, the beast sets about destroying anyone and anything that gets in its way. Jim Lyons, the security operative for the besieged expedition,must keep the thing at bay long enough to get his team to safety. ThereA?s one problem. A huge blizzard hits the compound at the exact same time the creature arrives. In a desperate attempt to end the beastA?s reign of terror, Jim andhis team hastily devise a plan. When the time comes to spring the trap, it will take all of their talents and energies, and a few of their lives to end this nightmare.