Обложка книги Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam At Peace

Philip Jones Griffiths: Vietnam At Peace

ISBN: 1904563384;
Издательство: Trolley Press
Страниц: 305

Book Description Viet Nam at Peace is the monumental chronicle of a country struggling to emerge from the apocalyptic destruction of war--a destruction so seismic that many thought (vainly) that it would end all contemporary imperial aggression. Philip Jones Griffiths has visited VietNam 25 times since the end of the war. The first Westerner to travel by road from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City after the war, and later the Ho Chi Minh trail, he has amassed an unparalleled photographic record of the post-war transformation of the country. Featuring 300 black and white images, Viet Nam at Peace chronicles not only the country's shattered terrain, but also the destruction of its citizens' culture, minds, hearts, and hopes. Limbless heroes, Amerasianchildren, and boat people are shown here alongside horrific attempts by the Vietnamese to curb the hydra of today's increasing consumerist excesses. From the first days of terrible hardships, as joys of victory were quickly tempered by...