Обложка книги The Maze: Donovan Wylie

The Maze: Donovan Wylie

ISBN: 1862076847;
Издательство: Granta Books
Страниц: 110

Book DescriptionFor nearly 30 years, the Maze prison, 10 miles outside Belfast, played a unique role in the Northern Ireland Troubles. Built in 1976 to house terrorist prisoners, political segregation was so fierce it led to scenes of violent protests, hunger strikes, mass escapes, and deaths of both inmates and prison staff. At its peak capacity in the 1980s, the Maze housed more than 1,700 prisoners. In September 2000, under the terms of the Good Friday agreement, the prison was closed and the last four inmates were transferred to other prisons in Northern Ireland. Now, a handful of prison officers man the empty complex while the future of the site is debated. The prison?s current state of limbo and the unanswered questions regarding its fate seemto reflect Northern Ireland?s unsteady progress in grappling with its recent history. Last year, the Northern Ireland Prison Service gave Donovan Wylie exclusive and unprecedented permission to photograph the entire prison complex...

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