Обложка книги The Omega Suites

The Omega Suites

ISBN: 388243872X;
Издательство: Steidl Publishing
Страниц: 80

Steidl Collectors Series~During the early 90s, Lucinda Devlin systematically took photographs of gas chambers, injection rooms, electric chairs and death cells in rural towns and cities of the United States. She entitled the series Omega Suites --alluding to the final letter of the Greek alphabet as a metaphor for the end and for the unusually luxurious accommodations found there. Seemingly an examination of the death penalty, her austere, haunting images are actually metaphors that question the attitude to this issue found throughout America, where, although 70 percent of citizens support the death penalty, a few states are currently reconsidering their laws and imposing moratoriums or stays for the more that 3,000 Americans currently on death row, who will wait an average of 10 years before being executed. Icy and compelling, the photographs present a clearly defined and hermetically sealed concept of the world which is characterized by taking extreme measures against the...

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