Обложка книги Kittens in the Sun

Kittens in the Sun

ISBN: 0811839052;
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Страниц: 192

Amazon.comA respected photographer whose previous books include the bestsellers Asleep in the Sun and The Mediterranean Cat , Hans Silvester has captured the imaginations of readers worldwide with his unique and endearing photographs of the cats of the Greek Islands. He returns to this sun-drenched setting once again with Kittens in the Sun , focusing on the youngsters of the furry set: Even as they begin to explore the world around them, the kittens grow rapidly into little cats. Clumsy at first, they begin to investigate their surroundings. Curious and playful, bursting with energy, they encourage one another to venture further and further away from home. The breathtaking beauty of the islands serves as the ideal backdrop for these frolicking felines, whose daily to-dos--including pouncing, playing, and, of course, lounging--are expertly documented by Silvester's trained eye. And while they'll soon grow to be independent cats, this...