Обложка книги Remembering to Live: Visual Poems for the Journey

Remembering to Live: Visual Poems for the Journey

ISBN: 0970564325;
Издательство: Evolving Editions
Страниц: 96

Book Description"Remembering to Live" is about the struggle for emotional, professional, and spiritual growth, as well as related struggles (particularly their humorous sides)...from love to heartbreak, from peace to fear, from spirituality to fortune cookies. Mark Tomkins matches photographs with text and creates Visual Poems that are expressive and multidimensional. He is an author and an award-winning photographer whose work is exhibited internationally. "Visual Poems come into being with a force all their own, not so much through the processes of writing and photography, as through getting out of their way and letting them into the world. With only the vaguest claim of 'authorship' they are brought to you...enjoy." Mark Tompkins