Обложка книги The Digital Photographer's Library Set

The Digital Photographer's Library Set

ISBN: 0782144055;
Издательство: Sybex
Страниц: 876

Book DescriptionThree Acclaimed, Full-Color Books at a Discount Price This complete collection for digital photography enthusiasts covers everything from mastering digital imaging technology, to optimizing images, to employing expert color management techniques. Each of the three distinctive books in this set will help you to achieve remarkable results, image after image. Mastering Digital Photography and Imaging Peter K. Burian demystifies the world of digital photography and imaging in this highly accessible and comprehensive guide for anyone interested in digital imaging. Burian first helps you select your digital camera and accessories, then shows you how to achieve the best possible results. Photoshop Elements 3 Solutions Mikkel Aaland's classic, best-selling guide to Photoshop Elements is packed with practical examples and stunning color images that illustrate how you can maximize the software's capabilities and get the most out...

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