Обложка книги Leica M6 to M1: Rangefinder Practice

Leica M6 to M1: Rangefinder Practice

ISBN: 1897802153;
Издательство: Hove Books
Страниц: 200

Book DescriptionFor this new, third edition, Dennis Laney has brought this popular title up-to-date with considerable additions and many new illustrations, including a new and extended color section. It covers the usage of all models of the M range from the earliest M3 of 1954 through M1, M2, M4 etc. to the M6. Many changes have been made to the M6 over the years and Leica Camera has recently produced some outstanding new lenses for use with the M range of cameras. In the majority of cases the new lenses can be used on the earlier M cameras, which have been in production since 1954.