Обложка книги Photos With Impact

Photos With Impact

ISBN: 0715315064;
Издательство: David & Charles Publishers
Страниц: 144

Learn how to view your subject, compose your picture, and, ultimately, take the best image possible with this stunning new guide from renowned photographer, Tom Mackie. With the sophistication of camera equipment today, taking a regular photograph is relatively straightforward. But taking - and making - a photograph that will have more impact than others requires much greater insight and harnessing of abilities and techniques. Tom Mackie recognizes that a key technique in his workis the ability to see subjects that others might miss, and to simplify images down to their basic elements - here he describes in detail about how readers can learn to do the same. Mackie considers how an understanding of the basic rules of composition is crucial to successful image-making; and subsequently, how breaking these rules can also work effectively to create striking, modern compositions. For powerful, graphic impact, Mackie explores the use of strong colours and shapes - he also explains...

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